I am Zahra Rastekar, born in June 1987 in Tehran, Iran. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from a public high school in Tehran, I chose a bachelor’s degree in statistics and then a master’s degree in social communication science.

As a child, I was very interested in art and writing, one of my dreams was to write and become a journalist. So, at the urging of my family, I chose mathematics as a middle school student, and then pursued my dreams during my master’s degree, working in journalism for about eight years after graduation. I was fascinated by the interest in photography, narration and the story that exists within a photograph. Also, I thought photography was another way of narrating a story, but this time, a narration through a photograph. During my stay in Tehran, I attended photography courses and then decided to study photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. I am currently studying photography in Rome.